A.1. Electronics (Electronic Repair Centre) Terms and Conditions” (Repairs Only)


1.1 Only applies to faulty equipment when delivered to us; under 3 yrs old; costing more than £110; is a non trade/commercial repair and that has not been previously dismantled or reassembled. Please note our decision is final when deciding if a repair meets the no fix-no fee criteria.

1.2 We have to take a £75.00 inspection fee on All plasma and LCD equipment due to the cost of replacement (PCB)’s Printed Circuit Boards.

2.0 CHARGES: NOTE!! Work booked in & work has not started then you collect within 2 days the £24.00 Inspection fee will not be refunded.

Repairs not covered by sub-section 1.1 may incur the following charges. These charges are all inclusive of Value Added Tax (VAT).

2.1 All labour and part costs.

2.2 An inspection fee of £24.00 will be taken for all repairs, which is refundable for repairs under sub-section 1.1 only (see job card issued today).

2.3 All no fault found repairs will incur a minimum handling/labour/admin fee of £18.00. Above this you will be advised.

2.4 Cancelled repairs by the customer will incur charges of any accrued parts and labour, providing we have not broken the agreement.

2.5 See section 8.1 for loan equipment charges.

2.6 ALL repairs where circumstances are beyond our control labour will be chargeable. (E.G. the equipment is obsolete & parts are NLA).


3.1 If the result of work carried out by us is such that the equipment is BER (repair costs exceeds 50% of replacement cost @ date of purchase) then the inspection fee will not be refunded if sub-section 1.1 does not apply. We will make every effort to advise you as soon as it becomes BER


4.1 Equipment not collected 14 days thereafter will incur a storage charge of £6.00 per week for each item, or a disposal charge for BER items.

4.2 Any repaired equipment not collected after 3 months, maybe disposed of to recover our costs and we will notify you of our intention to do so.


5.1 Each repair has a 3 month (90 days) warranty parts and labour, which is given in addition to your statutory rights and it does not replace them. The warranty will run from the date of repair, not the date of collection.

5.2 Consumable items, head cleaning, tuning and customer adjustments are not covered by our 3 month warranty or manufacturers 12M war.


7.1 We will make every effect to take reasonable care of any software installed on computer hardware providing you have backed up the same before leaving the same with us.


8.1 Loan equipment charges for the duration of the repair are £12 or £24 depending on the type and cost of equipment, once you have been notified of the repair and do not collect a charge of £12 per week will apply until the repaired item is collected. (We may waiver this charge).

8.2 Loan equipment must to be covered by your own insurance if you are not insured you must inform us forthwith.


9.1 A typical repair will take between 1 to 2 weeks. Equipment older than 3-5 years may take longer to repair for example.

9.2 Typically a basic repair will incur a charge of £42.00 or £54.00 for a more complex repair, anything over that we will try to advise you with an estimate before continuing with the repair we may set the estimate level higher when you say how much to go up to at booking in.

9.3 A signature in our log book will be required as proof of ownership.

9.4 All equipment whilst on our premises will be covered by our insurance removal of the same when you sign upon collection.

9.5 You will be issued with a job/invoice with every repair. When collecting repaired equipment please bring the job/invoice with you.


10.1 Payment shall be made in cash or cheque upon clearance from the date of invoice without any deductions and the time with in which you pay for the repair shall be of the essence of the contract as invoiced. We reserve the right to carry out the repair subject to immediate cash payment.

10.2 Bills of Exchange, Bankers Draft and Letter of Credit shall be accepted only by prior agreement in writing and you will be liable for any discounting of bank charges incurred.

10.3 Please raise any queries as soon as possible, preferably within 7 working days of the repair date.


11.1 If you default in making payment, we may decline to carry out further repairs without in any way affecting our rights under, or repudiating the contract. If despite any default by you, and we continue to carry out the repair this shall not constitutes a waiver or in any way prejudice our legal remedies for any defaults.

11.2 A surcharge is chargeable on all outstanding invoices from the date of invoice at the rate of 20%. All money chase letters will incur a £7.20 charge, we waive the right to claim such surcharge if payment is made within 40 days of the date of invoice. The invoice shall pay all our costs (legal & otherwise) in recovering any outstanding debts, if 40 days all credit facilities will automatically be removed, reverting to a cash transaction.

11.3 All discounts invoiced will be cancelled if payment has not been received within 41 days of invoice date, any other repairs will cease, and equipment will be impounded until all outstanding invoices are paid in full.

11.4 Should the financial position of the customer deteriorate significantly before payment is due we shall be entitled to demand immediate payment or security from the customer. The financial position of the customer shall be deemed to have deteriorated significantly if, but not only if any distress of execution shall be levied upon the customer, his property or assets, or if the customer shall make or offer to make any arrangement or if any petition or receiving order in bankruptcy shall be presented or made any arrangement or composition with creditor.

Your statutory rights are not affected by any of the forgoing.

Yours Sincerely, Allan David Warnes Allan David Warnes (Partner) Copyright A.1. Electronics Ver (12) 03/01/2011